Why Druk EduCare ECPF?

Registered with
Department of Adult & Higher Education(DAHE),
Ministry of Education,
The Royal Government of Bhutan

As a seasoned expert in the education field, our founder has spent many years in Australia gaining valuable knowledge and experience. This experience, combined with a passion for helping students achieve their academic goals, led to the creation of our education consultancy services.

We offer personalized guidance and support, taking into account each student's individual strengths, interests, and goals. With years of industry knowledge and a network of connections within the education sector, we provide valuable insights and advice to students and their families.

Our clients can expect time-saving convenience, as we handle all necessary paperwork and application submissions on their behalf. Choosing our consultancy increases the chances of students getting into their desired schools and reaching their academic goals.

We are dedicated to helping each student make informed decisions about their education and choose the path that is best for them.

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