Study in Canada

Studying in Canada is a rewarding investment with access to premier education and globally recognised degree. Thus, it has become a prominently preferred country to study for many international students. Breath taking landscapes, low inflation rate and high standard of living with exciting-cultural experiences makes Canada more attractive destination among international student communities.

Apart from this, Canadian degrees credentials are respected and considered equivalent with that of American and other European degrees. As the universities fees are more affordable compared to other counterparts whilst their excellent education quality is maintained without compromise. Annually, over 200,000 international students arrive in Canada to study.

With enriched multicultural diversity Canadians welcomes international students from all over the world. It assures all customs and traditions are upheld and cherished.

Canada is perfect travellers and adventures who enjoy outdoor-life, exploring nature and wildlife in the abundance of natural beauty that Canada has to offer, from its mesmerising sceneries of the Atlantic Provinces to the magnificent Rocky Mountains of Alberta and Niagara Falls could me a few of many wonderful things one can do while studying there.


Canadian Education System has gained interest of students from different parts of the world, as it offers consistently high quality and for offering internationally accepted degrees and credentials at lower cost compared to other counter parts such as Australia and USA.

Canadian education system is broadly divided into three areas:

Primary Education:

As a part of foundation, kids start from kindergarten and attend school for seven to eight years in this period.

Secondary and Senior Secondary Education:

After primary school, years 7 to 10 children continue secondary school and this education runs for three to four years. After secondary school, it is followed by senior secondary. Senior Secondary is basically studying year 11 and year 12.

Tertiary Education:

It is for those that are interested in higher education and Vocational education and training (VET) after completing Secondary and Senior Secondary Education.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

The vocational schools in Canada offers study options customised to individual's interests and goals for a wide range of fields to help gain knowledge in a variety of occupations. This is suitable for recent graduate looking for a career change or for those who want to advance their skills in existing fields.

Foundation Studies

The foundation course is taken before starting a university program and usually lasts for a minimum of one year. At the end of this course, students are eligible for studying any kind of course at university. It builds their foundations and basics and makes them ready for university program.


While studying in Canada, international students can work up to 20 hours per week. The popular industries for part-time work opportunities in Canada include retail industries (Super markets, clothing stores, libraries), hospitality sector (Restaurants and cafes) and tourism industries (hotels and motels). However, students must maintain ones visa conditions at all times.

International graduates can work for 2 years and can also apply for permanent residency after completing one year of working in the Canadian workforce.

Social Insurance Number (SIN) is an essential requirement to apply for a job in Canada. It is a nine-digit number that provides an access to government programs and benefits whilst allowing employers to process payroll and communicate with Canadian Revenue Agency about your earnings.

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